Corporate Profile


SISCO was established in spring 1996 as a private limited liability company registered and incorporated in the State of Kuwait.

SISCO enjoys an enviable reputation within both the public and private sectors in delivering valuable solutions on time and within budget.

In 2006, we at SISCO have taken the opportunity to re-evaluate our business operations and re-established ourselves as an industry leader of computer based integrated solutions with superior products and professional approach which is unequaled in Kuwait taking us ahead of our competitors which resulted in recording substantial turnover in our profits and operations.

Thus, in line with our company policy we offer you with the latest technological solutions giving a world of freedom full of options and tailored IT solutions while we keep an open eye over the fast pace of technology updates.

Our company is always kept on the technological track by its “partners in success” on continuous basis and we always aim to become a niche market player, we offer our clients with great business opportunities.

As a professional firm we have drawn a strategic path for the coming years with an ambitious expansion program that may encompass other areas within the GCC region.

It is very obvious that we operate in a rapidly changing industry. However, we are fully committed to offer solutions based on OPEN System and Industry Standard platforms, taking full advantage of the new technologies as they become available.

We are a client driven organization. However, our role extends to be advisors and business partners to our clients as we are committed here at SISCO to develop long term relationships built on trust and mutual benefits.